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Company profile

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Company profile

Since 1995,Chonghong Ltd(from year 2004 till now, registed as Chonghong Industries Ltd.)has become one of the Chinese distributor specialized in assorted wire ropes, cables.

In the year of 2007 We begin to focus on more assortment sourcing of the wire rope,stainless steel wire rope, rigging hardware and chain for marine, industrial, architectural, government, OEM and commercial markets.

In China,there are lot of sources for wire rope, stainless steel hardware a but we are proud to say that Chonghong has been in this field for more than 20 years with the complete selection and high quality in products and rich experience in the business staff with good communication with customer.

As an ISO 9001 AFNOR certified company.We strictly choose the galvanized steel wire from our partner factory. Then we begin our drawing process, and the QC staff will inspect the steel wire to make sure the tensile strength meet the standard requirements. During the process of strand making and rope making, the staff will check from time to time to make sure the rope is well preformed and to keep the rope surface from thorn. When the production is finished, the staff will be inspected according to standards.Also our partner QA will be also strictly audited to ensure they meet our ISO 9001 management control system.